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PLC was founded by Mr. Rohit Gandhare in the year 2021. He has completed his LL.B. from Mumbai University and Post Graduate Diploma in Law: Health & Medicine from RTMNU. He holds a post-graduate management degree from the prestigious S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. He has also completed his Masters of Science with specialization in Reproductive Physiology-RTMNU and Master of Arts in Political Science with specialization in International Relations. Last but not the least, Mr. Rohit Gandhare holds a degree of B.A. in Sociology and a B.Sc. in CBZ. Additional engagements of Rohit ● Co-founder of Med-Cubator Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai ● Co-founder of MedCult Healthcare LLP, Mumbai ● Project on Designer Babies and future laws (2008) ● Presentation on Critical analysis of Human Organ Transplantation act ● 1994 (2007) ● Project on Impact of Globalization on Higher Education system in India (2006)
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Psycho-Legal Consultant (PLC) is a unique approach to comprehending the psychological and legal aspects and offering a comprehensive solution to a concern. The intersection between psychology and law helps identify the root cause of the problem to give holistic well-being to the client. PLC is continuously aspiring to provide one-stop solutions to your emotional, mental, social, and moral well-being by providing psychological and legal counseling, support, and answers in effective and practical ways as and when required. Three pillars of PLC are: 1. Psycho 2. Legal 3. Consultant

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- Matrimonial issues ( Save Your Marriage- mutual conflict resolution) - Emotional distance, communication breakdown - Abusive relationship, loss of trust, victim of a conspiracy, feeling trapped, cheated - Complications in getting a divorce, legal separation, alimony, maintenance, child custody, dealing with a perverted mind - Smooth transition of complex matters & dealing with them peacefully - Intra-family conflicts/ disputes of property, money - Dowry, harassments, domestic violence cases - Workplace: discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, compensation, depression, toxic work culture - Corporate & organizational conflicts/disputes - Arbitration assistance, mediation, conciliation, litigation matters & Out-of-court settlements issues. - Negotiation, good offices & facilitation of dialogue process - Medico-legal cases, harassments by hospital/doctor/patient/patient's relatives - ODR (Online Dispute Resolution)